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Yes, let's tauk

Our search for a new couch came to a screeching halt last weekend. We finally got the up the nerve to price out our fav Montauk sofa and woke up bright and early on Saturday, caught the T downtown, stopped at the much hyped Flour Bakery and Cafe to stock up on croissants and coffee (slightly disappointing. not quite worthy of the hype.) then headed towards Chinatown only to find that Montauk Sofa has closed it's Boston location! I'm not sure if this is for good or not, but we were totally disappointed. I took it as a sign that Montauk was just not for us, but my ever practical husband said we should just roadtrip it down to NYC and check out their location along with Room & Board (for comparisons sake). So the search for the perfect sofa is on hold until we gather up our stamina after the holidays to drive down to NYC.


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