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"Your hardrive is toast"

I'm already veering off my subject matter and this is only my second post. However, this news is just too devastating to not mention and in a sense this little gadget is definitely part of the design community. I'm talking about the iPod, and in the words of the genius bar genius, mine is "toast". I could hardly believe my ears. It's only, maybe 3 years old, and I realize that is ancient in techno years, especially for Apple, but at $400 bucks they should be able to last a little bit longer. I use it all the time: working out, on the train, in the grocery store, in my car. All-the-time. So the genius bar genius mumbled off some possible options I may have in revitalizing my toasted hardrive, but to be honest, I was so flustered at the thought of my precious iPod being dead I hardly listened. I think I may just tinker with it myself. I'm not totally inept at technology. I mean, really, how hard can it be?


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