Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a designaholic.

"So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering." Brenda Ueland


Hand lettering is alive and well

While browsing through Jan/Feb issue of PRINT Magazine, I came across an article about illustrator, artist, letterpress printer, and all around "boy genius" Ray Fenwick. I instantly fell in love with his award-winning comic Hall of Best Knowledge. I absolutely love his hand lettering, writing style and use of black and white in his illustration. Granted, the comic strip is for a newspaper, but truly that is part of the designers job - to understand your medium and printing process and design to those strengths.

As for how I see these in my apartment, I'm envisioning a group of 3 comics grouped together on a wall, possibly a hallway, to create a fantastic composition. Not only strong as individual pieces, but arranged correctly these parts will form a beautiful, unified whole.


Sealed with a kiss

As a graphic designer the critique, admiration and joy of reviewing stamp designs has always been a favorite pastime. It amazes me how these elite group of illustrators and designers have managed to create such clever communication in such a tiny little space. And this years Valentines Day stamp, designed by illustrator Jose Ortega of New York City and Toronto, is no exception. I give it 5 hearts!


Sofa search update

Flipping through this months Living Etc (ok, technically I don't "flip", I devour), I came across this couch. I'm in L.O.V.E. The only difference for me would be the fabric and that's mostly because of my before mentioned dog. There is just no possible way we could have light colored fabric on the sofa (trust me, been there, done that. Had to throw it out). She gets into everything and then that everything gets onto the sofa, rugs, linens, etc. But I do think it would look fab in a dark purple velvet.

I should mention the designer, as I have a feeling this will not be the last time you hear of him. His name is Russell Pinch. A former senior product designer for Sir Terrence Conran and founding member of the hugely successful design firm The Nest, Pinch now runs his own furniture design shop, appropriately called Pinch. Check him out at Pinch Design.


Yes, let's tauk

Our search for a new couch came to a screeching halt last weekend. We finally got the up the nerve to price out our fav Montauk sofa and woke up bright and early on Saturday, caught the T downtown, stopped at the much hyped Flour Bakery and Cafe to stock up on croissants and coffee (slightly disappointing. not quite worthy of the hype.) then headed towards Chinatown only to find that Montauk Sofa has closed it's Boston location! I'm not sure if this is for good or not, but we were totally disappointed. I took it as a sign that Montauk was just not for us, but my ever practical husband said we should just roadtrip it down to NYC and check out their location along with Room & Board (for comparisons sake). So the search for the perfect sofa is on hold until we gather up our stamina after the holidays to drive down to NYC.


I'm Cuckoo for....

What a very merry christmas it was. i've been coveting this clock for months and low and behold, my very own santa had it delivered FedEx style right to my front door. We've moved it around the apartment to find just the right spot and it finally came to landing here. Now when I, or anyone, walks into our apartment it will be the very first thing they notice (besides the rambunctious dog leaping up to kiss their face!)